I'm here to freeze your most important moments — the ones you'll want to remember in 50 years. The anticipation while getting ready, the joyful tears of the first time you see each other, your looks of disbelief that the first day of the rest of your lives is finally here — these are things you'll want to relive over and over. I am here to tell your wedding day through artful, intentional, and timeless wedding photos that will help you remember all of the feelings you felt on your wedding day. LGBTQ+ wedding photographer based in Chicago, but down to travel anywhere for your love story.

I'm Tawny, your chicago Wedding photographer Documenting youR beautiful love story 

- wherever you're writing it & no matter who you're writing it with.

Meet TawnY


I will travel anywhere to photograph your love story. No place is too far for this wandering heart.


The love you share together is special. I know that no cookie-cutter shot list or stuffy prom pose could ever capture what you two share. As your wedding photographer, I get to know you throughout the planning process so that I can document your day genuinely and purposefully. I promise to deliver a wedding gallery that feels like you and showcases what's important to you. My clients receive galleries that are an authentic, photojournalistic documentation of their wedding days combined with editorial-inspired, artful portraits of them and their loved ones.

I promise to help you with the planning process so your day is stress-free and you receive the very best photographs possible. I deliver an unmatched experience by being so much more than a wedding photographer.




for the couples seeking more love, more memories, and more laughter.

the experience

"In the darkest night hour, I'll search through the crowd. Your face is all that I see, I'll give you everything. Baby love me lights out. I love you like XO." -Beyoncé

I LIVE FOR                             GENUINE MOMENTS BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE who are madly in love.

the perfect mix of timeless, candid moments
and thoughtful, directed portraits.
just as it should be.

I’m an inclusive wedding, ELOPEMENT, and couple photographer Based in Chicago who believes LOVE IS LOVE.


Where to begin? There is almost too much to say about Tawny and the business she runs. From the start, Tawny was warm, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable about everything. She was so open to any of our ideas and ran with them. Throughout the planning process we always felt like we were being heard. Formal pictures with a large group can be hard to handle, but Tawny was so patient and very clear on who she needed and when, and always with the kindest attitude. During the reception, she snapped some of the best candid photos of the guests, the scene, and everything else. No detail was left behind... And as for Tawny, you couldn't ask for a more passionate and professional person to be with you through the process... She loves what she does, and it is felt by all who are lucky enough to be photographed by her.

"you couldn't ask for a more passionate person to be with you through the process." -Tim & Kyle

I cannot be happier with Tawny! Our engagement photos are gorgeous, and despite the fact I knew she was traveling, our photos were ON TIME and perfect! As both a lesbian couple and fat couple it was super important to us to find someone who could make us feel comfortable, and who would produce photos that didn't look like "straight but not." We wanted someone who could highlight what made us unique as a couple, and Tawny did an incredible job. I feel really beautiful when I look at these photos. I couldn't have asked for more. I cannot wait to book her for our wedding.

(Psssst! Fast forward: They booked me for their 2023 intimate wedding in St. Louis!)


Tawny was the perfect choice for our wedding photographer. The photos were beautiful, Tawny was all-around professional and lovely presence at the wedding. She was incredibly organized too; she had our timeline down and had all the equipment needed for our night-time low-light reception. Picking the right wedding photographer can be somewhat intimidating and nerve-wracking as it's one of the bigger investments for your wedding day, and photographers are in charge of capturing the memories from your wedding. (You don't get a repeat.) My spouse and I were reassured early on that she was the perfect pick. She really captured the joy we and our guests were feeling in the moment. When we are 80, I can't wait to look back at these photos and think, “Damn, we looked good.”


"Choosing a photographer can make or break your memories of one of the most important days of your life. Not only did Tawny document our day to perfection but she made us feel so comfortable and at ease. We started following her Instagram months before we contacted her. Her connection to the LGBTQIA community was so important to us. Her awareness of our need to feel like every couple should feel, was the most important and achieved on all levels. We had a connection with her which transcended into our Perfect Day. Her blog and Instagram gave us way more than wedding photography help, many things in fact....what to pack, music inspo, first look or not, what not to worry about....She literally covered it ALL. It was like having a wedding liaison/photographer. She will always be a person in our lives that started our FOREVER!"

"She will always be a person in our lives that started our FOREVER!”
-Jamie + Sarah

"When we started to plan our wedding, we were looking for a photographer who is not only great at their job, but also someone who is LGBTQIA friendly and Tawny is perfect. We asked for candid photos and someone who captured the story of the day. Tawny is phenomenal at her job. She provided tips and guides from wedding vendors to outfits and how to be in front of camera...Tons of helpful information.
Above all, she is great to work with, she is friendly, professional and very prompt with her responses to us. Plus, she makes taking photos with her fun. The photos turned out AMAZING! We could not be happier with our photos, they are gorgeous and they tell the stories of the wedding day, we got tons of compliments from our friends and families! Definitely recommend Tawny!!!"

"She makes taking photos with her fun.” -An + Stacy

"Choosing a photographer for your wedding day can come with so much anxiety— as it can make or break the day. Choosing a photographer when you’re queer, places a new type of anxiety. Not only is Tawny inclusive, she makes it her goal to make everyone comfortable. Her connection and passion for the LGBTQ+ community is so amazing. Our wedding day was filled with ease and laughter due to Tawny! Throughout our day, Tawny strived to make us feel both like individuals, but also like a cohesive couple. From the beginning of the experience—Tawny guided us through schedules, what to expect, our desires, and so much more. To be photographed by Tawny, is to be seen by Tawny! We have never been so sure about a decision when it came to our wedding day! Tawny’s partner, Micah, also graciously officiated our ceremony. Truly my wife, Allyson, and I could have never expected such an amazing experience. We cannot recommend Tawny and Micah enough! Thank you for helping our lives become one on our special day!"

"To be photographed by Tawny, is to be seen by Tawny!” -Allyson + Kaylee

I am trained in all types of lighting and all kinds of weather. You never have to worry that I won't be able to handle the unexpected circumstances that a wedding day brings.

My passion and purpose

My approach is much more about your connection, your heart— letting your true personalities shine through. It’s about capturing feelings and going beyond the expected to document the moments of your wedding day for you to come back to time and time again.

I care about you more than my shot list and your vision more than my Instagram. At the end of the day, what matters most is your wedding day story being photographed genuinely, authentically, and beautifully.

your love's got me lookin' so crazy right now.
 - beyonce

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